Land Area:  26,338 Km²
Population: 12,374,397 (2018)
Average Temperature: 24.6 – 27.6ºc.

  • Hottest months: August, September.
  • Rainy seasons: March – May and October – November

Altitude: 1000-4500m above sea level.
Main water bodies: Lake Kivu, Lake Muhazi, Lake Ihema, Lake Bulera, Lake Ruhondo, Lake Mugesera.
Highest point: Karisimbi volcano (4,507m)
Languages: English, French, Swahili, Kinyarwanda

Rwanda is a country located in East Africa. It shares borders with Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Although Rwanda is still a developing country, its economy enjoys good momentum, and it is possible for expats and foreigners to find a job there. Below is the list of the best resources for you to use for your search if you are looking for job opportunities as a foreigner in Rwanda.

1.Online job hunting in Rwanda

The best place for foreigners to look for a job in Rwanda is online. There is a huge number of online job portals that list numerous vacancies and opportunities to suit all levels of skill and experience in a wide selection of sectors. Most of the job search websites in Rwanda are very user-friendly and easy to use, and many are in English.

  • Not to blow our own horn, but Ndangira is one of the most comprehensive career websites available.
  • In addition to being a big job search engine in Rwanda, Jobinrwanda also posts links to several Tenders and consultancies.
  • Umurimo is popular and is a good site to check out if you want a good job in Rwanda.
  • New Times Job portal: This is a good place to start your job search in Rwanda
  • Tohoza is a classified type site. It has a good portal for jobs on a number of levels.
  • UNDP jobs in Rwanda : Check out this website if you are looking to work for UN in Rwanda
  • Glassdoor: I’m sure you’ve heard of Glassdoor. They have job search options for Rwanda.
  • Linkedin: This is a huge professional social network. Linkedin is a resource for building contacts in the field and location of your interest.

2.Local newspapers

It is well worth keeping an eye on local newspapers such as Newtimes and Imvahonshya. These are local newspapers distributed throughout the country.

3.Recruitment companies in Rwanda

There are some recruitment companies in Rwanda that help businesses and organizations find the best employees and help individuals searching for new jobs to find the company of their dreams. Below is the list of credible recruitment companies in Rwanda

Please note:

  • Many expats find gainful employment by making essential contacts in Rwanda through networking sites such as LinkedIn
  • If you are planning to live and work in Rwanda, you will generally need to have a job offer before you can enter the country.

Well, there you have it, folks. The best places to find jobs in Rwanda as a foreigner. For information on visas, be sure to check out :

You can also get more information from the expat community in Rwanda here

Good luck with your job search!

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