If you’re a refugee and would like to pursue your Master’s degree in France

The deadline has been extended! Apply for UNIV’R Programme scholarships by 9 April

More details here: http://ow.ly/bPOs50NoPyl

Details at a glance




Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Veterinary, Arts and humanities, Business Administration, Education, Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction, Information and Communication Technologies, Law, Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics, Social Sciences, Journalism and Information


Until 09/04/2023 




Full scholarship for the full period of studies




There is no age limit
0.00 USD
In-person programme delivery 
  • Requirements

    Targeted nationalities
    Targeted Country of Asylum
    Accepted status documentation
    Refugee certificate
    Language of Instruction
    English, French
    Language Proficiency Level
    Which certificate do you require to prove the required language proficiency?
    Il n’est pas obligatoire de fournir une attestation/certificat de langue. En revanche, il est souhaitable de présenter une attestation de niveau B2 en langue française (ou anglais si le master concerné est en anglais).
  • More details about this opportunity

    • Opportunity timing
      One-time opportunity
    • Duration of support provided
      For the duration of studies
    • What is covered in this program
      Application fees
      Monthly stipend (e.g. food allowance)
      Local transportation expenses
      Health insurance
      Mentoring or psycho-social support
      Travel costs to the third country
      Pre-admission exam fees
      Settling in
      Transition of documents
    • Type(s) of visa/residency permit granted upon arrival
      Visa long séjour valant titre de séjour (VLS-TS) mention étudiant.
    • Is the student allowed to work while studying?
    • Can the nuclear family accompany or join the main applicant?
    • Are there options to stay after graduation?
      Work permit/temporary residency; asylum application; Other ; Return to the first country of asylum.
    • How to apply?

      Veuillez remplir le formulaire de candidature en cliquant sur ce lien

      Informez-vous en amont sur les programmes masters avant de postuler ; vous trouverez les liens vers les formations dans le formulaire de candidature

    • Application fee
    • Application period
      Specific date (one-time opportunity)

More details here: ow.ly/bPOs50NoPyl

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