Acts Of Gratitude

Acts of Gratitude (AOG) is a Rwanda-based non-profit organization founded by 13 grateful people in 2011. These people have been supported by family, friends, charity organizations, governmental institutions, etc. and feel owing to the community a debt of giving back.

In 2018, AOG decided to focus its work even more through supporting social entrepreneurs and their enterprises. Today, it is giving back to the community through two programs: Social Enterprise Academy Rwanda and Ingenzi Social Enterprise Programme.

Following to this mission, Acts of Gratitude (AOG), has partnered with Unloc, a UK social enterprise specializing in training, supporting and coaching entrepreneurs to implement a social entrepreneurial learning program Project called “INGEZI SOCIAL ENTERPRISE PROGRAM

The INGENZI SOCIAL ENTERPRISE PROGRAM supports young Rwandans to convert their passions, talents and project ideas into social enterprises and projects.  This programme is an action-learning and engaging, in way it helps the participants to understand what is a social enterprise, how to discover a social problem, and step-by-step journey of building a business or project that will solve the problem in the community.