International Business Cross-border eCommerce – Alibaba Business School, Hangzhou Normal University (for Rwandan Students)


China’s ecommerce giant Alibaba and the Government of the Republic of Rwanda launched Electronic World Trade Platform (eWTP) on Oct. 31st, which makes Rwanda the first African country to launch this platform.

The eWTP initiative was proposed by Jack Ma, Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group, in 2016. It aims to promote public-private dialogue to foster a more effective and efficient policy and business environment to enable small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in cross-border electronic trade.

Ma and Rwandan president Paul Kagame jointly unveiled the plaque of the eWTP at its launching ceremony, which also witnessed the signing of MOUs between the two sides in the areas of e-commerce, tourism, e-payment and capacity building, under the framework of eWTP.

Based on the cooperation, Alibaba Business School will open a class named “International Business Cross-border eCommerce” for around 30 Rwandan students in September 2019. During the 4-year undergraduate program, the students will be equipped with the skills needed for ecommerce success in the digital economy.

Rwanda and China have been enjoying strong bilateral relations. At present, both sides are implementing the Sino-Africa “Ten major cooperation plans” raised by President Xi Jinping at the Johannesburg Summit, and the outcomes of Chairman Zhang Dejiang’s (Chairman of the National People’s Congress of China) recent visit to Rwanda.

International Business Cross-border eCommerce - Alibaba Business School, Hangzhou Normal University

Enrollment Criteria

1. Applicants should be Rwandan citizens with a valid foreign passport/Rwandan National IDs and be in good health, and have good behaviors, willing to observe the laws of the government of China, as well as the rules & regulations of the college, and respect the manners and customs of Chinese people;

2. Highest diploma: Applicants should own the diploma of high school or above (or equivalent education);

3. Age: 18-25;

4. Gain minimum score of B (68/73) at the Senior Six National Examinations:

5. Combination of Majors as follows are preferred:

a)   History – Economics – Geography

b)   History – Economics – Literature

c)   Literature – Economics – Geography

d)   Mathematics – Computer Science – Economics

e)   Mathematics – Economics – Geography

6. Skillfully grasp English, able to communicate and write in English (applicant proficient in Chinese is preferred);

7. Have a certain understanding of China, with a keen interest in internet economy and e-commerce.

Application and Procedure

1.Please submit the following application materials to both mail address:

a)   International Student Application Form

b)   Scanned copy of the original high school diploma (or equivalent certificate)

c)   Scanned copy of the original high school transcript

d)   Recommendation Letter from Teachers and Mentors

Deadline: April 7th, 2019

2. Screening of application materials

If the interview or remote interview is required, the applicant will be notified via email in advance..

3. Issue the admission notice

If the applicant receives scholarship, the related information will be indicated in the admission notice.

Related Expenses 

1. Tuition fee: RMB20,000(USD3,000)/academic year

The length of schooling for undergraduate students is usually 4 years. Each academic year is divided into spring semester and autumn semester. Autum semester is from early September to mid-January, there are four weeks for winter vacation through January to Feburary, including Chinese Spring Festival. Spring semester starts from mid-February to late June. July and August are summer vacation.

2. Accommodation expense: RMB10,000(USD1,500)/academic year (single room)

School provides private apartment for international students. The apartment is equipped with the public laundry, open kitchen and dining hall.

3. Insurance expense RMB800(USD120)/academic year

According to the provisions of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, during the study in the region of China, international student must hold a medical insurance. When registering at the school, students who have not bought the medical insurance in their home countries, must buy the medical insurance provided by the China Insurance Company through the school.

4. Enrollment fee: RMB400(USD60) (only admitted students need to pay the enrollment fee, will indicate the account information in the admission letter.)


The scholarship and subsidy will be indicated in the admission letter.

For more information,please visit Alibaba business school



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