International Training Programme in Belgium on ‘eR-Biostat


The International Training Programme on ‘eR-Biostat’, is a training project that is focused on education programs (both undergraduate and masters) in Biostatistics/Statistics as well as for non-statisticians and aims to train the participants in using and developing a new E-learning system for courses at different education level.

The ‘>eR-BioStat’ initiative is a E-learning system that offers a platform for a collection of fully developed courses in Biostatistics/Statistics, ready to be integrated in the curriculum / taught in class.

The new call for candidates is now open!

The first ITP >eR-BioStat school will take place from 04/05/2020 to 19/05/2020 at Hasselt University, Belgium. 12 full VLIR-UOS scholarships are available for people from the 31 scholarship countries.

Application deadline: 15/01/2020

More information and application forms

More information on the eligibility criteria for a scholarship

For more information,please visit

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