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Three Mountains learning advisors is a Rwanda based E-learning development company. We are pioneers in the development of localised e-based learning materials in Rwanda. We help people and organisations develop their potential and improve their performance. We create engaging training and information material, like videos, images, exercises, leaflets, posters and interactive online-courses in close collaboration with the content experts of our partner organisation. We also do face-to-face coaching, leadership and team training and facilitation of company-retreats.


Three Mountains is looking for two interns for six months.

The interns will assist in the day to day activities of the company. The interns will be able to learn about content development, but also about technical aspects of the development of e-learning and the production of tutorial videos. The interns will assist in face to face training and meetings. They will write minutes of meetings and assist in the general management of a company.


  • You are interested in course development, e-learning and adult training,
  • You enjoy writing and design since a lot of time will be spent in designing and developing training material,
  • You have bachelor’s degree in education, communication, social studies or related fields,
  • You are a team-player not afraid to express your opinion,
  • You have curiosity and you are willing to learn,
  • You have attention to detail,
  • You are fluent in English in expression, reading and writing; knowledge of French, Kinyarwanda and/or Swahili is considered an asset,
  • You are familiar with Microsoft Office – Word, PowerPoint and Excel,
  • Experience working with social media to build followers is a plus,
  • 6 Months availability.

What we offer 

  • Positive atmosphere with hard work, humour and personal attention.
  • Opportunity to learn to develop and program e-courses in Easy Generator and produce videos.
  • A variety of tasks and opportunities to present yourself and show your worth in practice.
  • Professional coaching and honest feedback,
  • Access to a great network of professionals and organisations in Rwanda related to e-learning,
  • Compensation of gross 6000 FRW per working day (excluding tax) plus lunch, coffee and tea.

How to apply

  1. Do our demo course “working with passion” and do the assignment (see for instructions below),
  2. Write a short motivation letter,
  3. Attach your CV,
  4. Send these three documents by email to: addressing the recruitment team.

The deadline for submission is Monday, 11st January 2021.


Only applications containing all three elements (the motivation letter, the CV and the answers of the assignment) will be taken into consideration!

There is no need to send copies of diploma’s, references, or other formal documents at this stage. Only those invited to the interview will need to bring certain documents.

Interviews will be held on Friday, 15th January 2021. 

How to do the assignment

Go to the course “Working with passion”, on our website. This course is still under review and needs improvement.

Do the course online. This will take you about one hour.

Then answer the following three questions:

  1. Mention at least two strong points and two weak points of this course.
  2. What use do you see for this course in Rwanda? Define a target group and how could you help the company to get in contact with this target group?
  3. What did you learn from the course? How are you going to apply it in your daily life?

Download the vacancy: Intern Three Mountains ToR

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