Job title:


IT Officer

Reporting to:

Deputy Registrar

Office location

KG 632 No.4 Kigali, Rugando

I. Background

The Rwanda Allied Health Professions Council (RAHPC) referred to as the Council, is a statutory body established under the RAHPC Law N°46/2012 of 14/01/2013 and is committed to protecting the public and guiding the healthcare professions. The Council is mandated to regulate the allied health professions in the country in aspects pertaining to education, training and registration, professional conduct and ethical behaviour, ensuring continuing Professional Development (CPD), and fostering compliance with healthcare standards.

This carries with it the responsibility of enforcing compliance with the rules, honor and dignity of the medical profession; ensuring compliance with the principles of morality, integrity and dedication essential to the practice of the profession; and ascertaining that all its members comply with the professional requirements, laws, and regulations governing the medical profession.

The Council reviews continually its strategic direction guided by a vision and vision that is translated into strategic objectives in the implementation of its legal mandate.

 II. Job Summary

RAHPC requires an IT Officer who will offer a variety of technical services such as providing expert advice, troubleshooting issues, and preventing future issues to ensure the Council’s business operations run smoothly and effectively.

The IT officer shall provide assistance to the RAHPC Permanent Secretariat duties to ensure all Council’s processes run smoothly. He/she shall mainly be responsible for the IT services including hardware maintenance, Support services, network, software, and maintenance.

III.  Knowledge and Skills requirements  

In the RAHPC framework,the IT Offiecr should have the following skills and competences:

a.Thorough knowledge of CISCO, Unix/Linux, and Windows Administration
b. Practical experience in configuring Router, Firewall, Active Directories, Server and working in an interactive and Online systems environment
c.  Ability to work autonomously with a positive, energetic, inspiring, can-do attitude
d.  Ability to think strategically and manage time well.
e. Great communication and interpersonal skills
f.  Strong problem solving and analysis skills
g. Be culturally relevant, insightful, and aware
h. Ability to work effectively with multicultural teams of varying expertise, skills, and backgrounds
i. Self-starter – confident and proactive in generating and leading new initiatives
j. Ability to make recommendations for business processes re-engineering, and implementation of the new system;
k. Proven experience with programming languages such as JAVA and PHP and in database management;
l.  Excellent report writing skills and analytical skills;

IV. Reponsibilities 

Within the framework of the Council, the IT Officer  shall be responsible for the following:


  • Provide high-quality preventive maintenance that provides 99% availability of Systems.
  • Perform general hardware maintenance i.e. blowing of dust on the equipment etc.
  • Check workstations/servers and memory usage patterns;
  • Tune and adjust equipment to optimize performance that includes network element health check assessment to proactively identify needed preventive action;
  • Perform system updates and upgrades
  • Check for vulnerabilities, bottlenecks, congestion, and misconfigurations in the network;
  • Frequently check system performance;
  • Perform virus checks and removal (software bugs);
  • Install RAHPC domain controller to allow greater performance of computers.

On Servers (local server and cloud):

  • Perform server hardware health check monitoring by collecting the counter logs Database and making an analysis of the graphs for every quarter;
  • Update server firmware as per the new versions are available from the manufacturer;
  • Check the server anti-virus on a weekly basis to ensure it is updated;
  • Create a backup periodically which helps to restore servers in case any Emergency problem occurs;
  • Make necessary documentation with the existing configuration details of the Server;

For Network Devices:

  • Monitor connectivity and fix issues in case of slow or no connection;
  • Check and ensure no security concerns on the network infrastructure including configurations, bugs, and vulnerabilities;
  • Monitor the equipment port status, service performance, and whole-system health;
  • Monitor the spanning tree and routing protocol status, DVPN, IPS, NMS;
  • Make sure all triggers for alarms to notify critical situations are enabled and working;
  • Check and verify the management network are enabled and allow connections;

For uninterruptible Power Supply Systems:

  • Dust blow and clean uninterruptible power supply units;
  • Check whether the batteries are operating efficiently;
  • Check for defective or loose cables;
  • Check UPS calibrations;
  • Checking general UPS performance; For Network Structured Cabling/Wireless:
  • Make sure all the network data points are operational and making necessary changes in the settings if required;
  • Check and integrating the Outlets in case of loss of connectivity;
  • Check to avoid cable cuts and being in heavy electromagnetic fields;
  • Check and distribute the AP considering the power usage;
  • Tweak the access point to have best performance;
  • Check the performance of the wireless and optimization of coverage and load.


  • Reconfigure equipment for optimal and secure performance;
  • Restore normal service in case of reported failures;
  • Reconfigure failed equipment to restore their normal status;
  • Provision of planned upgrades for network equipment, which includes remote
  • And on-site maintenance, full multi-vendor, and multi-technology support;
  • Provide emergency response, security monitoring, and recovery as well as a proactive approach to intrusion prevention;
  • Reconfigure services to cater for minimal/minor changes when requested;
  • Provide a schedule for proposed maintenance program;
  • Provide both original and updated maintenance reports within 24 hours after each maintenance session (preventive and curative);
  • Ensure QOS is maintained on the network giving priority to some traffic;
  • Check and establish secure communication links;
  • Advise on care pack status of all HP equipment and renewal of the same.

C. IT Operation

  • Manage IT security measures for information technology system within RAHPC network system;
  • Perform regular inspections of systems and network processes for security update;
  • Conduct IT security audit process for initiating security and safety measures and strategies;
  • Customize access to information as per RAHPC rules and necessity;
  • Maintain standard information security policy, procedure, and services;
  • Be responsible for Data and system security; Server and System Administration
  • Analyse system logs and identifying potential issues with computer systems;
  • Performing routine audits of systems and software;
  • Review licensing;
  • Perform backups;
  • Apply operating system updates, patches, and configuration changes;
  • Install and configure new hardware and software;
  • Add, remove, or update user account information, resetting passwords, etc
  • Be Responsible for documenting the configuration of the system.

D. IT Support

  • Offer basic IT training and refresher on different IT systems/policy, cyber security, and troubleshooting to staff members.
  • Support the Operations team with specifications to purchase IT equipment.
  • Support the Operations team in reviewing and updating IT Policy;
  • Implement controls to comply with RAHPC data protection policy;
  • Support Operations team in managing and maintaining the office management systems that were developed for RAHPC
  • Provide a Help Desk Service that acts as a central point of contact for all technical support issues. These include issues related to an ICT equipment function, system configuration, consultation, installation, and troubleshooting.
  • Support the Registration Office in handling IT-related queries submitted online via chat, via email, or by phone by applicants.

a. Required Qualifications 

The applicant must hold at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer ScienceInformation Technology, or a related field; with a minimum of 3 years of relevant experience.

Applications should be submitted with the following documents on RAHPC email: rahpc.recruitment@rahpc.org.rw

  1. Signed letter addressed to the Registrar and CEO of RAHPC
  2. A dully updated curriculum vitae with motivation
  3. A copy of academic qualifications
  4. Proof of previous working experience

N.B: Interested candidates should submit one PDF document with the POSITION applied for clearly indicated in the subject line. The deadline for submission of applications is September 13th, 2021 before 17:00. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.