Japan – Rwanda Governments Scholarships for 2021


The Higher Education Council (HEC) wishes to inform the general public that, through the Bilateral Cooperation between the Government of Rwanda and the Government of Japan, the latter has offered scholarships to Rwandan students in the following categories:

•Undergraduate Students;
• Research Students;
• College of Technology Students;
• Specialized Training College Students.

Interested candidate should find the application form and others relevant information for each level on the annex attached herewith.

Please note:

• For more details about these scholarships, please refer to the following websites: www.hec.gov.rw and www.studyinjapan.go.jp/en/ ;

• The applicant must sign up on the link below, get his/her password on email and login before submitting his/her application;

• The application including all digital copies should be submitted online via the link: http://mis.hec.gov.rw/system-login

• No hard copies documents will be received at HEC.

Application deadline: 14th August,2020



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