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Made In Rwanda E-commerce Incubation Program


HeHe is partnering with MTN, e-soko, RICTA, HortInvest and eTrade for Women to digitize the agriculture supply chain with the very first Made in Rwanda Incubation Programme to educate agribusiness SMEs to leverage digital platforms to grow their businesses. The HeHe Innovation Academy, iHAc, has a track record of helping businesses, institutions, and individuals to stay relevant and thrive in a time of the fast-paced digital shift.

Since 2017, HeHe has generated a steady online presence for local retailers by powering their e-commerce platforms,creating broad access to both local and global consumers through an online Store, State of the Art Inventory Management System, Shipping & Pickup, and digital payment services. It is with this expertise and insights in contextualised digital solutions, that the team at HeHe has designed this program to help more SMEs expand their horizons and embrace eCommerce through our educational initiative; iHAc.

In the context of e-commerce increasing relevance in today’s economy, this program is designed to help Made-In-Rwanda SMEs better understand the multifaceted concept of e-commerce, the opportunities it presents, and the steps necessary to create a conducive environment for adoption of digital trade by both businesses and consumers.

The programme is composed of a 6 month intensive programme and a 2.5 year incubation programme. The programme will start on August 3rd 2020. The deadline for this application is July 27th 2020.



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