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Water and Sanitation Corporation (WASAC) is charged with vital responsibilities of providing clean water and sewerage services to all Rwandans as enshrined in Government Vision 2020 and EDPRS2.

For WASAC to be able to execute this responsibility effectively and efficiently, it requires enough and competent Human Resources for attaining the set objectives.

Reporting line: The MIS Specialist should report to the Office of Deputy Chief Executive Officer The responsibilities of MIS Specialist are as follow:

  • Participate in the development of GIS and/or CAD database to support water and sanitation projects
  • Collect and assembles data concerning the development of digital data which can be integrated into GIS database from existing non-GIS application
  • Administration of Management Information System (MIS) related to water supply and sanitation activities
  • Review tabular and mapping data from Updating and maintaining maps, digitizing new and verifications
  • Updates necessary layers, data sets and related database in the maintenance assessment maps.
  • Participate in planning, implementation and closing process of the project.
  • Conduct the field visit and record all the data required for infrastructure planning purpose
  • Maintain and Update the GIS database of the water supply Systems
  • Maintain and Update the GIS database of the Rural Sanitation Systems
  • Creation, maintain and update of special data of water and sanitation access in rural areas
  • Maintain and update the link between the MIS and GIS systems
  • Carry out data analysis in GIS and produce reports accordingly
  • Keep track of technology utilization on rural water supply and sanitation services across the country and explore ways to use MIS to improve these services Support private operators and districts with setting up data management systems using MIS
  • Assist in imparting training to field staff regarding use and operation of MIS from time to time
  • Assess information activities provided by other service providers (NGOs, private operators] with a view to developing partnerships for the dissemination of water and sanitation information in the various components
  • Coordination with different stakeholders for the preparation of national water and sanitation database
  • Support for the proper use of water and sanitation database in planning, maintenance
    and rehabilitation, monitoring evaluation of water supply and sanitation systems
  • Produce monthly, quarterly, and annual reports or customized reports as required
  • Support in other relevant tasks as assigned
  • Prepare and provide reports
  • Ensure continuous monitoring and evaluation of all project activities,
  • Use forms and drop-down menus to enter data in GIS databases; follows established
    procedures to select map data and objects to populate database tables and attributes
  • Prepare MIS report for various purposes (Present the data in the required formats.]
  • Review and make routine interpretations of data sources and uses basic GIS software functions
  • To enter, edit and update GIS spatial data, including points, lines and polygons, and attribute data into databases or layers, following standard procedures
  • Control and own the maintenance of site master plans for all designated sites. Perform the topographic survey and report accordingly
  • Liaison between WASAC and other agencies including Software developers, Vendors in order to integrate systems, ensure compliance with specification, troubleshoot, and develop new features.
  • To ensure that MIS facilitates regular monitoring and thus allow for more analytical evaluation on safe water, hygiene and sanitation issues

MIS Specialist Job requirements;

The incumbent should hold master’s Degree with at least 3 years’ experience, or
Bachelor’s Degree with at least 4 years Experience in the field of: Geomatics, Geo­Information Science-GIS, Geo-Informatics, Hydro-Informatics, Civil Engineering, water and environmental Engineering, Management of Information Systems, Data Sciences, Geography or related fields;

The candidate should prove capability to GIS, ACCES, EXE, CAD software, Cartography, map projection and coordinate system;

The candidates should have a working experience in GIS, data collection, data entry, processing, analysis and interpretation

The candidate should have experience in Geo-Database administration and Information Management Database Administration;

The candidate should be experienced in mobile applications used in spatial data collection (eg. SW Map, Collect, Survey 123, etc)

Experience in water and sanitation sector is desirable

Experience in establishing and/or working with systems for MIS, preferably in the rural areas is an advantage

The incumbent should have an experience of delivering successful data systems preferably in Water Supply and Sanitation using MIS or GIS

Experience of providing technical support and capacity building to a third party with strong analytical skills, and the ability to synthesize complex concepts is desirable

Good communication and social skills; the candidate must show initiative, organization and personal dynamism, as well as capacity to prepare adequate planning and activity reports

Ability to work independently with large volume of data with problem – solving ability 7fr A combination of several specializations related to water supply and sanitation is an asset

Ability to work in a team and under minimum supervision;

Ability to work under pressure, meet deadlines and comply with financial requirements depending on the source of fund for the supervised projects;

The candidate should have Strong leadership skills, strong management and negotiation skills.

The candidate should be 21-45 years old.

The candidate should have a strong command in either of the languages (English or French);

How to apply

The interested candidates must submit the following documents to WASAC ltd Head office at Centenary House, Nyarugenge District Kigali City addressed to the Chief Executive officer;

  • Application letter;
  • Updated and detailed CV with at least three references
  • A copy of Degree;
  • Service certificate as the proof of the related working experience;
  • Any Proof of the knowledge for the use of; GIS, ACCES, EXE, CAD software, Cartography, map projection and coordinate system
  • Copy of Identity card;

The application documents should reach at WASAC Ltd Head Office Central secretariat not later than 25/06/2019 at 05:00 pm.

Only selected candidates will be contacted

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