Meet the Recruiter event, Kigali (September 2019) – One Acre Fund


Join One Acre Fund recruiters and like-minded professionals in Kigali on September 19th to learn about the organization and our career opportunities. This event is intended for professionals with 3+ years of experience.

Apply to attend One Acre Fund’s ” Meet the Recruiter” event in Kigali on September 19, between 5pm to 7:30pm CAT. 


Friday September 6, 2019  at 11:59 pm


As an organization, we have ambitious goals to serve 1.6 million farm families and to grow our staff network from 6,000 to 8,500 by 2022. We have several exciting leadership roles open within our Nigeria program  and we are looking specifically to meet talented and innovative Field Operations and HR and professionals.

Our priority Open roles are: 

  • Senior Software Engineer  Use and grow your skills as part of a diverse and dynamic technical team to help eliminate extreme poverty in East Africa and across the world
  • SQL Server Database Administrator r – Take on a critical leadership role, collaborating with other executive leaders, to work on some of the most impactful and highest priority challenges facing the organization. Grow into the Nigeria Country Director.
  • DevOps Engineer – Use your technical skills to help alleviate hunger across the developing world. Live and work in Africa in order to understand the local context. Travel internationally with generous vacation time to explore the surrounding regions. Take on important projects as part of a diverse team
  • Agriculture Product Research Lead : The Agriculture Product Research Lead  will introduce new agricultural products and practices, that will be scaled to more than 200,000 farm families in Rwanda to maximize their yields and generate income. This role is therefore pivotal in driving organizational strategy and changing farmer lives for the better.
  • Marketing and Enrollment Brand Specialist :The research that the Marketing and Enrollment Brand Specialist is involved in will ultimately shape strategies for the future and help the Field Operations Team meet their 5 year total client goals. Over time, this role will likely evolve into leading a broader and deeper portfolio of marketing/enrollment design or operations projects depending on strengths, interests, and priorities.
  • Rwanda Safety and Security Specialist The Safety, and Security Specialist  will drive improvements in the safety and security infrastructure supporting TURBURA staff, improving our ability to prepare for and respond to medical or security incidents, and increase psychological safety for our staff, ultimately improving their ability to provide impact to farmers.
  • Analyst to the Global Finance Leadership : Chance to work directly with CFO and Finance Director on highest priority projects across finance

You’ll come away from the event with:

  • A thorough understanding of One Acre Fund and how it operates
  • An overview of the organization’s growth plans and audacious goals
  • A better understanding of the organizational culture
  • An idea of what a long-term career in a fast growing social enterprise can look like

If you would like to attend the event, please click ‘Apply Now’ to alert the team of your interest.

Please apply by Friday September 6th, 2019 at 11:59 pm. All applicants will be contacted via email by Friday  September  12th, 2019 and those invited to attend will receive additional information, including the location.

Apply as soon as possible!



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