Ministry of Youth and Culture – Youth Entrepreneurs Resilience fund


The Ministry of Youth and Culture in partnership with UNDP and KOICA has established the young entrepreneurs’ resilience Fund that will support to resist negative effects of COVID-19; this intervention was designed based on ideas that came from the rapid assessment done to evaluate effects of COVID-19 on young business’ operations.

The fund is targeting to support 2 segments of young entrepreneurs:

1. Existing impactful youth owned businesses provenly affected by COVID-19.
(2) Youth innovations created as a response to COVID-19 lifestyle and requirements.

Eligibility Criteria:

– The Young entrepreneurs Resilience Fund is open to all Rwandan youth aged between 16 and 30 (for new innovations as response to COVID-19) and 16-35 (for existing entrepreneurs affected by COVID-19)

– The applicant must be living in Rwanda

– Must possess a National Identity, email address and telephone number

– Must be willing to provide all necessary information regarding the business when we ask for

– The business must have been in operation before January 2019 (for existing businesses)

– The business must be market tested project

Your answers will help to identify young entrepreneurs to be supported. Thus, you are requested to:

(1) Kindly provide full and accurate information

(2)  Be careful of instruction of each question

(3)  For those who will not finish the process, their application will not be recorded/considered



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