We are hiring an Organization Excellence Officer

Spark MicroGrants believes in a world where everyone lives with dignity and determines their own positive future. Decades of prescriptive aid have sidelined the poor from the very programs meant to uplift them. For nearly a decade, Spark MicroGrants has been pioneering a new approach to international aid. We believe in local solutions and catalyzing rural villages facing poverty into action. After years of refining a community organizing and seed funding model for rural village action we are garnering demand from emerging nations and leading civil society organizations to train and support them to adapt and deploy the approach at scale.

At the heart of Spark’s model, the Facilitated Collective Action Process (FCAP), are ‘town-hall’ style weekly meetings, in which women, men, young, old, plan together for their community’s future. Each village elects a leadership committee, establishes a village savings account, and launches a project of their choice. Members receive training on financial management, transparency, leadership, village planning, and advocacy. Each village then receives US$8,000 in seed funds to turn project ideas into reality and additional management support.

Spark is now active in 320+ villages in 6 countries,  benefiting over 230,000 lives. In the next three years, we seek to accelerate the growth of this approach, through i) establishing a global Community of Practice based on cutting edge facilitation and training design, and ii) establishing a national scale program in Rwanda – our flagship program – in partnership with the Government of Rwanda. Spark is seeking an ambitious and impact-driven leader in Rwanda to scale the program, and establish a national framework to be incorporated in Government policy and financing.

As a team, we share a set of common values that shape ‘how’ we work. These are:

  • Facilitators. We don’t impose; we enable others to generate impact.
  • Community-driven. We are motivated by what is best for the community.
  • Process-centered. The how of what we do is just as important as the what.
  • Our vision and values live in everything we do.
  • We seek opportunities and are willing to take risks to serve our community partners better.


The Organizational Excellence Officer focuses on the alignment of business strategy, organizational culture, and experiences of Spark staff. They external trends alongside internal best practices and innovation to drive strategic behavioural and process change, across the organization, improving organizational performance and the engagement of our people.


Organizational (Culture) Development (~50%)

  • Design and deliver Organisation Development initiatives, processes, and interventions that support Spark’s ambition to be a high performing organisation which values learning and continuous improvement and diversity as the norm.
  • Project-manage annual goal-setting and budgeting (in collaboration with Finance and Fundraising functions) processes in tandem.
  • Monitor organizational performance against targets to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement.
  • Ensure effective and engaging internal communication approach through key forums, consulting staff, synthesizing feedback, and piloting new ideas.
  • Develop and enforce standard organizational documentation practices through uniform approach to and structure of Manuals, Processes, Procedures and ensuring strong ownership of each with clear accountability mechanisms.

 Capacity Building (~30%)

  • Design and develop internal staff training programs for employees to enhance performance and culture.
  • Makes assessments of effectiveness of training courses, objectives in terms of employee accomplishments and performance.
  • Conducts needs assessments to determine measures required to enhance employee job performance and overall company performance.
  • Assess the effectiveness of programs and strategies through different methods e.g surveys,KPIs, etc

 Knowledge Management (~20%)

  • Define vision for professional and functional Knowledge Management within the organization.
  • Ensure stores of knowledge are current, relevant, and up-to-date with alignment to organizational structure.
  • Build common understanding and generate buy-in for Knowledge Management excellence; enforce standards and hold all staff accountable.
  • Conduct periodic Knowledge Management audits to measure performance over time and identify common trends to address issues


  • Preferred work experience: 5+ years in HR Operations and Organisational Excellence or Effectiveness roles
  • Some experience designing and implementing organisational training and development.
  • Experience delivering improvements for scaling public, private or non-profit sectors.
  • Technical knowledge: Experience developing dynamic dashboards, advanced Excel (can
  • perform complex functions), knowledge of Google Suite and other collaboration tools,
  • ability to work with both technical and non-technical partners.


Location: Musanze, Rwanda.

Start Date: As soon as possible. We are looking for someone who is committed to this role for at least 2- 3 years.

Probation period:  3 months probation period with learning and performance objectives

Application closing Date: 30th November 2021

How to Apply: Follow this link to apply