We are looking for:

Project Coordinator – Education Advisor Early Childhood Education

Location: Kigali, Rwanda

Deadline for applications: 3th December 2021

Hello! We’re excited to see you found your way to this job opening. That must mean you share our ambition to ensure learners around the world enjoy their fundamental human right to quality education, without exception. We are hiring a Project Coordinator – Education Advisor Early Childhood Education for a regional multi-country project (covering Zambia, Rwanda, and Uganda) focusing on play-based emergent literacy and numeracy development (2021- 2025).


VVOB in Rwanda is implementing an Early Childhood Education project ‘IT’s PLAY’ (Improving Teaching Skills on Playful Learning for Africa’s Youngest).

At a time when pre-primary school enrolments in Zambia, Rwanda and Uganda are steadily increasing, and despite many qualitative advances in this field, there also seems to be a tendency towards more academic forms of early childhood education (ECE). Driven by the desire of parents, teachers and administrators to prepare children for primary school early, ECE learners are often taught academic grade 1 skills like reading, writing and mathematics. Such academic forms of early childhood education largely do not take into account the developmental stages of young children, and neither lead to learning nor contribute to the pre-skills children need in order to fare well in Grade 1 of primary. In order to bridge the gap between this desire to prepare children early and more age-appropriate forms of ECE, VVOB’s multi-country programme will strengthen Learning Through Play in early childhood education in Rwanda and harness the power of play-based learning to develop emergent literacy and numeracy skills in young children.