Recruitment of staff to work with National Fund for Environment (FONERWA)


Background and context

The Government of Rwanda (GoR) has prioritized green economy to guide national development through economic transformation that is environmentally sustainable and climate resilient. This is reflected in the Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy II (EDPRS II) which considers green economy among priority areas and identifies environment and climate change as a cross cutting issue to be mainstreamed across socio-economic sectors. At the highest policy level, the Cabinet approved the Green Growth and Climate Resilience Strategy (GGCRS) in 2011 to guide and drive the performance of all sectors of the Rwandan economy towards climate resilient and low Carbon development pathway. The National Fund for environment (FONERWA) was identified as the sustainable financing facility to ensure successful implementation of the GGCRS. As a result, the GoR has established and is committed to operationalize FONERWA. The Fund is supervised by the Ministry of Environment (ME)

FONERWA’s mission is twofold:

  • To mobilize and manage resources for achieving environmental sustainability, climate resilience and green growth in order to promote Rwanda’s short, medium and long term sustainable development goals.
  • To fund projects and programmes by public and private sector organizations that produce results contributing to these objectives

The fund has been operational since 2012 and has to-date successfully processed applications and supported the implementation of high quality project proposals that have met the rigorous and competitive criteria for funding.

FONERWA wishes to recruit competent personnel to fill the vacant posts in FONERWA Organizational structure. Below find the job positions and required qualifications and experience. Detailed Job descriptions and attributions is accessible on FONERWA website: (see careers)

1. Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer (1 position)

Job functions

  • Provide technical advice to  the Chief Executive Officer
  • Ensure the smooth running of the Chief Executive Officer’s office

Specific requirements& competencies

  • Master’s Degree in Environmental Economics, Agricultural Economics, Environmental Sciences, Forestry, Forest Economics, Natural Resources Sciences or Projects Management.
  • At least 3 years of experience in Environmental sector or with complex projects conceptualization in reputable institutions and dealing with various stakeholders.

2. Legal Affairs Specialist( 1 position)

Job functions

  • Provide legal advice on all FONERWA interventions
  • Contract management
  • Draft legal instruments
  • Liaise with the Ministry of Justice and other Institutions in legal matters
  • Conduct legal research

Specific requirements& competencies

  • Bachelor’s degree in Law. Having Master’s Degree in law shall be an added advantage
  • At least 5 years working experience in legal practice for Bachelor’s degree holders,
  • 3 years working experience in legal practice for Master’s degree holders.
  • Extensive knowledge of Rwandan legal environment. Working in international organizations or complex projects and dealing with various stakeholders is an added advantage

3.Accountant (1 position)

Job functions

  • Planning and implementing accounting operations
  • Ensuring compliance with laws and regulation related to taxes

Specific requirements& competencies

  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting, Business administration or Management with specialization in finance or accounting.
  • 3 years of working experience in finance, accounting or auditing in a reputable organization

4. Environmental and Social Safeguard Specialist (1 position)

Job functions

  • Provide Analytical and Technical support on key issues related to environmental and social impact assessment and on sustainability risks in the design, preparation, implementation and supervision of IIC’s operations taking into consideration best industry practices and standards;
  • Operations, Management and Implementation
  • Capacity building

Specific requirements& competencies

  • Masters or equivalent in Environmental Economics, Environmental Management, Environmental Sciences or related fields.
  • At least 3 to 5 years of relevant experience in working with private or public sectors across industry sectors (including infrastructure, agribusiness, and/or manufacturing) to identify environmental impact assessment or social risks issues and develop mitigating measures to ensure compliance with good international industry practices.

5.Financial Management Specialist ( 1 position)

Job functions

  • Participate in Budget Planning, Formulation, Justification, Execution and Accounting
  • Performs or advises on work in any of the phases or systems of budget administration
  • Conduct a financial analysis, report and advise the CFO on financial management
  • Organize a training and development of the staff in financial management

Specific requirements& competencies

  • Master’s degree, from a recognized University, in either Finance, Accounting or any other related field, or must be a Professional accountant (ACCA, CPA etc..) or
  • Bachelor’s degree in management, finance, accounting with Professional qualifications in accounting such as ACCA, CPA, etc… from a recognized professional accounting body.
  • At least 5 years working experience in financial management and control fields for Bachelor’s degree holders, or 3 years working experience in the aforementioned fields for Master’s degree holders or accounting professional certificate (ACCA or CPA).
  • Ability to demonstrate auditing skills (internal or external auditing) with at least 3 years’ experience as an auditor.

6.Resource Mobilization Division Manager (1 position)

Job functions

  • Give orientation and Advise on key issues related to environmental and social impact assessment and on sustainability risks in the design, preparation, implementation.
  • Guide, supervise, monitor and coordinate the designing of financial mechanisms such as revolving funds, bonds or other instruments in order to improve readiness to facilitate access to additional climate finance options
  • Oversees the preparation of effective project funding proposals and mobilizing finance from different financial mechanisms and instruments.

Specific requirements& competencies

  • Masters or equivalent in Environmental Economics, Environmental Management, Environmental Sciences or related fields.
  • At least 3 to 5 years of working experience in Financing Project, project design, planning, monitoring and evaluation, resource management and mobilization, or marketing.

Application procedure

To apply, please submit the relevant documents such as; your updated Curriculum Vitae (CV), copies of academic certificates, Proven working experience and one-page cover letter detailing why you are interested in the position you are applying for. Please note that all applications must be in hard copy form and submitted to the FONERWA reception office located at Plot 793-794, KG 7 Avenue, 5th Floor, Career Center Building, Kimihurura Sector, Gasabo District, Kigali, Rwanda. Gasabo District, P.O. Box 7436 Kigali-Rwanda.

The deadline for submission of application is 17th June 2019 at 3:00 pm local time.     

For more information, you may visit FONERWA website on and for more enquiries please contact us on

Done at Kigali on 3rd June 2019


Chief Executive Officer

National Fund for Environment


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