Most people are not aware how much money is actually available for funding the education of youngsters. Scholarships for students are an excellent way to help you achieve your educational dreams.Why not tap into the opportunity and get money for your studies so you get a chance to a better paid job in the future?

If you are brilliant, intelligent or motivated young person, you can apply for free scholarship and study Abroad easily. You can apply for a full scholarship to study anywhere in the world. You can get a UK scholarship, a scholarship to study in Canada, USA, Asia, Europe and Africa

Before asking yourself how to get a scholarship or grant for your studies and which ones are available for you,first of all you must find out what type of scholarship is best for you and where you have the greatest chances of being accepted with very little effort.

Types of Scholarships

There are two types of scholarships in terms of funding. Full and partial scholarships. Lets start with full scholarships.

Full scholarships

These are the most popular scholarships for international students as they cover your tuition fees and living costs. Some full scholarships provide funding for extra costs of university studies above and beyond tuition fees and room and board. These might include the costs of books, travel expenses, health insurance (which is required on many college campuses), and supplies (computer, notebooks, pens, for example). Some full scholarships also include a work/study program for the student to earn extra cash. This may also take the form of a job to cover personal expenses.

Full scholarships are very competitive and usually you will be selected based on your academic abilities.They are often granted by institutions of higher education themselves as a means of attracting top students.

Partial scholarships:

These can range from small, one-off payments to covering your whole tuition fees. They do not usually include any support for your living costs or your travel expenses. However some part scholarships may cover only living expenses and tuition fees may be borne by students themselves.

For example a 60% Tuition Scholarship at a private University where the Tuition fees are $20,000 would equal about $12,000 in scholarships which means that you will have to pay 8000$ only for your tuition fees.

Where do scholarships come from?

Scholarships can come from many sources and usually you’re eligible to receive more than one form of aid.There are several different sources for scholarships funding such as:

  • Schools
  • Governments
  • Organizations
  • Companies
  • Private donors
  • Etc


  • Not all scholarships are awarded based on financial need – most will evaluate your academic abilities.
  • You can only apply for scholarships either when you are applying for the course or after you have applied.
  • Many universities set the deadline for scholarship applications early in the year so start your research early.

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