Sustainable Development and Global Justice Postgraduate Programme 2020


Sustainable Development and Global Justice (SUSTJUSTICE) Postgraduate Programme

The University of Antwerp Law Faculty’s Law and Development Research Group runs a full-time post-graduate certificate programme on “Sustainable Development and Global Justice” (SUSTJUSTICE) from 10 February to 30 April 2020. SUSTJUSTICE is a comprehensive teaching programme based on the research lines of the Law and Development Research Group. It builds upon four editions (2016-2019) of the Sustainable Development and Human Rights Programme (SUSTLAW). SUSTJUSTICE is embedded into the English Master of Laws (LLM) taught at the Faculty of Law of the University of Antwerp.

The programme combines it’s primary focus on law with a inter-disciplinary approachthat takes into account the complex nature of the topic. Additionally, it brings together the knowledge and exptertise of the Global South and the Global North for a unique educational experience. SUSTJUSTICE is comprised of four compulsory courses: International Law and Sustainable Development, Human Rights and Global Justice, Law in Developing Countries and External Actors in Aid, Trade and Investment. In a period of 11 intensive weeks, the teaching combines theoretical insights in the classroom with practical assignments such as role-plays, negotiations, moot-courts and writing assignments such as policy briefs and short academic papers. This methodology is aimed at preparing the participants to be change-catalysts in their professional life and in their communities.

In the past four years, the programme has attracted a diverse student body with participants from all over the globe. This diversity is also reflected in the teaching team which includes leading experts from the North and South who discuss salient features of their disciplines, and encourage students to reflect upon key challenges in the area of sustainable development and global justice.


SUSTJUSTICE consists of four courses:

  • “International Law and Sustainable Development”
  • “Human Rights and Global Justice”
  • “External Actors in Aid, Trade and Investment”
  • “Law in Developing Countries”

The teaching in these courses is complemented by the Project Week at the end of theprogram.

The courses on “International Law and Sutainable Development” and “Human Rights and Global Justice” provide a solid basis for a critical understanding of the relationships between international (human rights) law, sustainable development and global justice.

The course “External Actors in Aid, Trade and Investment” zooms in on external (economic and financial) interventions in developing countries whereas the course “Law in Developing Countries” adopts the ‘internal’ perspective of developing countries and their inhabitants, ascertaining the impact of international law on domestic and local settings as well as the influence of domestic and local dynamics on the international legal arena.

All four courses include several examination components that test the knowledge and skills developed within the course. It is complusory to participate in all examination components in each of the courses to pass. Those participants who pass all the four courses receive a certification of successful completion while others receive a certificate of participation. Participants also receive an attest mentioning their scores in each course. For more information on the courses look at the ‘Module Sustainable Development and Global Justice’ of the Faculty’s English Master of Laws (LLM).

The programme incorporates an evening ‘Law & Development lecture series’. Know more about the lectures organised as part of the Law & Development Lecture Series 2019. Sustlaw 2019 included the lectures of the Belgian Francqui Chair Prof. Margot Saloman under the course Human Rights and Global Justice.  

SUSTJUSTICE features interactive teaching with academics from both the North and the South as well as networking opportunities with experts from the North, both researchers and practitioners in the field.

Application procedure

For self-funded applicants: 

The deadline for applications for self-funded candidates for SUSTJUSTICE 2020 is 1st December 2019 and the deadline for submitting proof of payment of application fee is 15th December 2019. We respond to applications on a rolling basis.  The application form is available here.

For scholarship applicants:

The deadline for scholarship applications is 30th September 2019.

Grant of scholarships for SUSTJUSTICE 2020 is subject to VLIR-UOS’s approval of the program. Confirmation of availability of scholarships can only be given after September 2019.

The application form is available here.

For more information,please visit


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