Vacant positions at the African Union Commission


The African Union Commission has advertised the vacant positions and competent nationals are encouraged to apply to:

  1. Senior Sports Officer – Sports for Development (AUSC),
  2. Administrative Assistant (AUSC),
  3. Secretary (AUSC),
  4. Administrative Assistant (AFRIPOL/PAPS),
  5. Policy Officer – Mediation (PAPS) ,
  6. Senior Policy Officer – Political & Legal Matters (AUABC),
  7. Training & Capacity Building Expert,
  8. Weather Modelling Scientist and Forecaster,
  9. Project Coordinator,
  10. Executive Secretary (ACHPR),
  11. Bilingual Secretary (ACHPR),
  12. Administrative Assistant – Multilateral Environment Agreements (MEAs),
  13. Project Coordinator – Multilateral Environment Agreements (MEAs),
  14. Head Division of Intellectual Property Rights – IPR (AfCFTA),
  15. Security Officer (AfCFTA),
  16. Senior Legal Officer (AfCHPR),
  17. Senior Legal Officer – Special Mechanisms (ACHPR),
  18. Senior Public Relations and Information Officer (ACHPR),
  19. Legal Officer – Protection (ACHPR)

For each job details, please visit official website >>>

Deadline: February 13, 2023

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