REB & DSSD – VIRTUAL LAB design competition 2019


The Rwanda Education Board (REB) in partnership with the Digital Solutions for Sustainable Development (DSSD) invite all Rwandan Innovators to participate in the VIRTUAL LAB design competition. The design challenge for VIRTUAL LAB Digital Solution is a national competition, which consists of developing a software application to conduct major experiments of Biology, Chemistry and Physics in a virtual laboratory. We are looking for multidisciplinary teams composed by IT and educational specialists who understand the importance of experimentation in science-based education. The solution should take focus at making virtual science labs accessible, usable and affordable for educational school in Rwanda.

Introduction and Background:

The Government of Rwanda initiated the gradual roll-out of competence-based curriculum (CBC), which provides a more practical, skills-based approach to learning and orients schooling toward the requirements of the workplace. The main barrier to implement the new curriculum is related to the low access to science laboratory. This shortage of Lab facility has weakened the school’s ability to deliver the competency-based curriculum. To address this problem, the Government of Rwanda, through Rwanda Education Boards (REB) envision to create virtual labs as a solution to provide students with the chance of practicing scientific skills.

Problem Statement

Experience in the laboratory and exercising scientific skills are key aspects of the competence-based curriculum. Laboratory practices are important to give students the confidence to deal with actual challenges but also can enable students to build up motivation and enthusiasm for science subjects. However, to provide students with the chance of practicing scientific skills requires enormous investment in laboratory facilities, high maintained cost and other consumable resources which are not available at schools. To address these limitations, Virtual labs have been suggested as a way to alleviate the laboratory capacity problem by allowing students to practice critical skills in a virtual environment when real physical equipment’s unavailable. The new curriculum (CBC) emphasizes the development of transferable skills — such as critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity — and advocates the use of ICT as a tool for learning.

As a part of virtual labs implementation, a software application to conduct major experiments of Biology, Chemistry and Physics in a virtual laboratory aligned with the new curriculum (CBC) and integrated into teaching and learning of all science subjects at all levels and easily accessible by all schools highly needed required.

Objectives of the call for the proposal:

The specific objective of this Call for Proposals is to identify an innovative solution design of visual software that can be utilized across a variety of science courses, in secondary (lower and upper levels) schools. Interested teams or firms can apply by proposing a solution that provide virtual labs for the following three (3) experiments selected from three subjects which includes; Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Click here to view proposed experiments

The firm or individual with the best solution will be invited for contract negotiations for solution implementation.

Timelines: These activities will be going on through Monday 22th July to Wednesday 4th September 2019 in Kigali Rwanda.

Selection Criteria:

• Clear Understanding of the problem
• The proposed solution to the problem
• Relevance
• Impact
• Viability
• Sustainability

Who should apply?

• An individual
• A group of people /Team
• A startup/ A company

What should you submit?

• A prototype of a solution
• A Working Solution
• CVs of the team involved

How to Apply: Click here to submit your application by 13th August 2019. If you have a special need or pertinent question, contact us:


– Participants will be automatically disqualified if they submit plagiarized work/solutions.

– Interested individual/firms/companies are invited to attend information session that will happen on 30th July 2019 starting 9:00am to 3:00pm at Career Center Building7th Floor.

Workshop objectives are to provide details on technical specifications and expected solution.

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