Do you want to build a career that is truly worthwhile? Working at the World Bank Group provides a unique opportunity for you to help our clients solve their greatest development challenges. The World Bank Group is one of the largest sources of funding and knowledge for developing countries; a unique global partnership of five institutions dedicated to ending extreme poverty, increasing shared prosperity and promoting sustainable development. With 189 member countries and more than 120 offices worldwide, we work with public and private sector partners, investing in groundbreaking projects and using data, research, and technology to develop solutions to the most urgent global challenges.

Current jobs at World Bank in Africa

Job Title Location Job Family Application Deadline (MM/DD/YYYY)
Administrative Assistant  – ( World Bank | req22145 | GC ) Niamey,Niger Administration/Office Support 4/28/2023
Counsel  – ( World Bank | req21826 | GF ) Accra,Ghana Legal 4/30/2023
Country Officer  – ( IFC | req22222 | GG ) Nairobi,Kenya Operations 4/27/2023
E T Consultant  – ( World Bank | req22232 | EC2 ) Lilongwe,Malawi Other 4/26/2023
E T Consultant – Social Development Specialist  – ( World Bank | req22289 | EC2 ) Praia,Cabo Verde Social Development 4/30/2023
E T Consultant, Africa region – Corporate Finance Services  – ( IFC | req22175 | EC3 ) Nairobi,Kenya Other 4/26/2023
Environmental Engineer – Environmental Risk Management  – ( World Bank | req22188 | GF ) Lusaka,Zambia Environment 4/25/2023
Human Development Specialist  – ( World Bank | req22192 | GF ) Mbabane,Eswatini Education 4/28/2023
Industry Specialist  – ( IFC | req22114 | GG ) Nairobi,Kenya Operations 4/20/2023
Investment Analyst  – ( IFC | req22216 | GE ) Douala,Cameroon More Investment 4/26/2023
Investment Officer  – ( IFC | req22329 | GG ) Lagos,Nigeria Upstream 5/2/2023
Lead Energy Specialist  – ( World Bank | req22149 | GH ) Niamey,Niger Energy 4/20/2023
Occupational Health and Safety Analyst  – ( World Bank | req21931 | GE ) Dakar,Senegal Health & Safety 5/5/2023
Procurement Specialist  – ( World Bank | req22201 | GF ) Khartoum,Sudan Procurement 4/26/2023
Psychological Counselor  – ( World Bank | req21757 | GF ) Dakar,Senegal Health & Safety 4/28/2023
Resource Management Assistant  – ( World Bank | req22014 | GD ) Nouakchott,Mauritania Resource Management 4/24/2023
Resource Management Assistant  – ( World Bank | req22015 | GD ) Dakar,Senegal Resource Management 4/24/2023
Senior Counsel  – ( World Bank | req21817 | GG ) Accra,Ghana Legal 4/30/2023
Senior Counsel  – ( IFC | req22265 | GG ) Dakar,Senegal More Legal 5/1/2023
Senior Education Specialist  – ( World Bank | req22190 | GG ) Pretoria,South Africa Education 4/27/2023
Job Title Location Job Family Application Deadline (MM/DD/YYYY)
Senior Environmental Specialist – Ecologist  – ( World Bank | req22206 | GG ) Lilongwe,Malawi Environment 4/25/2023
Senior Investment Officer, Africa region – Corporate Finance Services (CFS)  – ( IFC | req22153 | GG ) Nairobi,Kenya Other 4/26/2023
Senior Social Development Specialist  – ( World Bank | req22286 | GG ) Niamey,Niger Social Development 4/25/2023
Senior Social Protection Economist/Specialist  – ( World Bank | req22113 | GG ) Lome,Togo Social Protection 4/26/2023
Senior Social Protection Specialist  – ( World Bank | req22133 | GG ) Niamey,Niger Social Protection 4/28/2023
Social Development Specialist  – ( World Bank | req22272 | GF ) Kigali,Rwanda Social Development 5/2/2023
Social Development Specialist  – ( World Bank | req22274 | GF ) Addis Ababa,Ethiopia Social Development 5/2/2023
Social Protection Specialist  – ( World Bank | req22109 | GF ) Ouagadougou,Burkina Faso Social Protection 4/26/2023
Team Assistant  – ( World Bank | req22140 | GB ) Abidjan,Cote d’Ivoire Administration/Office Support 4/23/2023
Team Assistant  – ( World Bank | req22318 | GB ) Luanda,Angola Administration/Office Support 4/27/2023
Transport Economist  – ( World Bank | req22122 | GF ) Dar Es Salaam,Tanzania Transportation 4/26/2023

How to apply for World bank Jobs

Applications are made online via this link :

If this is your first time applying for a job with the World Bank Group (WBG), select “Create an Account” on the Sign In page. Answer the “Why are you visiting this site?” pulldown with “To look for a job, internship.”

Once you have created an account, you will be automatically routed to sign in.

TimeThe application can be completed in as little as 15 to 30 minutes. Please complete the application in less than 2 hours. Your application may be disconnected due to inactivity.

You should have your work history and your name as it appears in your passport before starting.

Application process and notification

Selection for positions with the World Bank Group is extremely competitive and generates a large volume of applications. Regretfully, we are unable to respond to each applicant beyond the acknowledgement of resume/CV receipt. We cannot provide updates on the status of the application.

Some applicants will be contacted by a WBG recruiter.

Application Troubleshooting

Technical Difficulties


  • Pop-up Blocker: Please turn off all pop-up blockers.
  • Firewall: You may not be able to apply due to restrictive firewall settings on your computer or network. Please try your application from multiple Internet locations.
  • Browser: Please update your Internet browser to the most recent version.
  • Application Timed Out: Error messages include Create/Update Resume 2 or Invalid default resume template (1116.8000). Restart your computer and complete the application within two hours.
  • Application page is not available: The application is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.

Contact UsIf the problem persists, use the “Contact Us” link. We will support you in submitting your application. Please specify the job number and provide a detailed description of any error message you received. Please do not send your CV or application to this email address as we will not be able to consider such applications.

StatusPlease go to the Check Application Status page, sign in at our Member Center, and click on the Check Your Application Status link.

Your status will be shown as

  • Applied (your application has been accepted)
  • Long List (you are among many candidates being considered)
  • Short List (you are a potential candidate)
  • Interview (we would like to interview you)
  • Not Selected (you were not chosen for the long or short lists)

Applicants who reach Short List or Interview status may be contacted for further information or to schedule an interview. We may begin evaluating applications before a vacancy is closed, so it is possible that your status shows that you have been “Not Selected” before the closing date.

The selection process may take from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the number of applications received and the availability of staff.

If you applied for an Analyst ProgramInternship, or Young Professionals position, your status will not be shown.

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