Youthconnekt-Rwanda Innovators Caravan 2019 – Trip to Nairobi

Youthconnekt-Rwanda Innovators Caravan 2019_ Road to Nairobi_Application form

Under the auspice of Youthconnekt partners and the Government of Rwanda, the Ministry of Youth in partnership with UNDP – Rwanda and other stakeholders are organizing the 1st Youthconnekt Innovators’ Caravan from 15th to 22nd June 2019. This is a week-long business trip, mentorship and networking experience for 100 Young Rwandan Entrepreneurs, a journey from Rwanda to Kenya. Selected participants will have the opportunity to connect and share best practices with Kenyan startups and established businesses, secure business with them while also promoting regional and continental integration.Beneficiaries of YouthConnekt initiative are encouraged to apply, kindly fill this application form and submit it online by Sunday 19th May 2019

Participation fee is USD 80


For more information,please visit


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