Delegation of the European Union to Rwanda photo competition


Exciting prizes to be won as the Delegation of the European_Union_to_Rwanda marks the Climate Diplomacy Week on 25 September 2018 to raise awareness among the general public in Rwanda about climate change and efforts to fight it.

Send us a photo or photo essay with the theme “IT STARTS WITH YOU” and follow the following simple instructions:

• Send an original photo or photo essay, maximum 5 photos, authored by submitters.
• Submitted photos should show the impact of climate change, individual actions against climate change and climate change adaptation.
• No restrictions on genres and technical characteristics of the photos.
• Each photo is to be accompanied by a short description in English, French or Kinyarwanda.

All submissions should be sent to with the subject “EU Climate Diplomacy 2018 + submitters‘ name” by 18 September 2018 at 17:00.

All submissions will be reviewed by a jury from the EU delegation and embassies of EU Member States in Kigali. Winners will be announced on 20 September and will be awarded prizes during the climate diplomacy event on 25 September.


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