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1.1 Contracting authority

This call for proposals is issued by VVOB Rwanda, represented by its Programme Manager, Mr. Jef Peeraer. VVOB Rwanda is the sole authority competent for the call and award procedures.

This call shall be followed up by Ms. Karolina Rutkowska, Education Advisor Teacher Support for VVOB Rwanda. All correspondence with regard to the content and procedure of this call should be sent to Ms. Rutkowska (email:

1.2 Context of the consultancy

VVOB together with its partners REB and URCE is implementing a Multi-Year programme “Leading, Teaching and Learning Together (LT)2/Umusemburo w’Ireme ry’Uburezi programme” (2017-2021) to continue promoting the quality of basic education through enhancing school leadership and setting up an induction system for Newly Qualified Teachers. This programme focuses on advancing the implementation of the Competence Based Curriculum while supporting the improvement of learning outcomes for learners.

The certificate course ‘Educational mentorship and coaching’ trains school-based mentors, sector education inspectors and teacher training centre tutors in the competences required to support school-based continuous professional development. The certificate course is delivered by the URCE. The course content has been developed by the URCE with the support of VVOB and uses two study manuals to cover the course content.

1.3 Objective of the consultancy

The objective of the consultancy is to proofread and adapt the study manuals of the certificate course ‘Educational mentorship and coaching’ specifically to simplify the English vocabulary that is used. The two study manuals use an English vocabulary that is somewhat challenging for a substantial part of its users, namely primary school teachers. The goal is not to revise the content of the study manuals but only to simplify the language to match the English proficiency level of an average primary school teacher. The study manuals count 395 pages (manual 1 has 175 pages and manual 2 has 220 pages).

1.4 Awarding procedure

This call follows the simplified negotiation procedure with notification. VVOB will establish an internal committee to evaluate and rank the received proposals based on  the  criteria  below.  If deemed necessary or advisable, VVOB may decide to further negotiate the proposal with one or more service provider, in one or more rounds. These negotiations may result in an adapted proposal by the consultant and subsequent modifications in evaluation or ranking by the committee. The committee will summarise the evaluation and ranking decisions in an award report.

All qualified respondents will be notified about the decisions. All respondents may request information within 15 days after the notification. VVOB shall respond within 15 days after receiving the request. The consultant with the winning proposal shall be offered a contract stipulating standard VVOB contract terms and the terms of reference.

1.5 Call provisions and terms

VVOB reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals submitted, to negotiate with all qualified respondents, to modify or cancel in whole  or  in  part  this  call  if  deemed  in  VVOB’s best interest to do so. Issuance of this call does not commit VVOB to award a contract or to pay costs associated with proposal preparation.

In submitting his/her proposal, the consultant shall automatically abandon all general or special terms and conditions of his/her proposal, even if these are referred to in one of the proposal’s annexes.



2.1 Eligible consultants

This call is open to national consultants who meet the required specifications of this call. Sub- contracting of the consultancy is not permitted, and all required consultancy services are to be delivered by one person only. The consultant will be solely responsible for and ensure his/her compliance with all administrative requirements. The consultant guarantees that he/she will comply with all the legal obligations bestowed upon him/her, including, if applicable, his/her fiscal (VAT, etc.), social and accounting obligations, as well as those obligations concerning commercial and organisational requirements.

Consultants who are involved in the sub-task team of the certificate course ‘Educational Mentorship and coaching’ are not eligible for this consultancy.

2.2 Submitting proposals

The proposal and annexes are to be submitted in electronic copy by email only. Only proposals received on or before the deadline will be considered. VVOB reserves the right to extend the deadline if deemed in VVOB’s best interest to do so.

Proposals are to be sent to the following e-mail address:

The deadline for submitting proposals is set for Friday 8 November 2019 at 17:00.



3.1 Format of the proposal

The proposal and its annexes must be written in the English language. The proposal and its annexes shall be submitted in electronic copy and not exceed 5 Mb in total. The accepted document formats are limited to the following file extensions: .doc, .docx, and .pdf.

3.2 Content of the proposal

The proposal shall contain at least following documents:

  1. Consultant’s background, technical expertise and experience, consisting of a comprehensive CV listing previous consultancy, work experiences, academic background and a minimum of two relevant references (names, phone numbers, email addresses of contact people);
  2. Consultancy approach, describing the methodology how the objectives of the call are achieved and the workplan.

3.3 Commitment term

The applicants remain bound by their respective proposals during a period of 30 calendar days following the deadline for proposal submission.

3.4 Awarding criteria

The proposals that meet the administrative requirements shall be  assessed  based on  the following criteria:

  1. The consultant’s relevant background, technical expertise and experience (60%). The requirements are listed below under section “Required Expertise of the Consultant”;
  2. The quality of the consultancy approach (40%).

3.5 Schedule and place of consultancy

The consultancy service is expected to be provided in the period between 25 November 2019 and  6 December 2019. The workload is estimated at 6 days for the entire revision, 3 days for each manual. The delivery deadline is 6 December 2019.

On the 2nd revision day, according to the  consultant’s workplan,  a brief meeting with  VVOB will  be planned to review the work of the consultant to make sure he/she is on the right track. This meeting will take place at the VVOB Rwanda office in Kacyiru.

On the final delivery day, the consultant will hold a debriefing with the VVOB team in the VVOB office in Kacyiru.

3.6 Payments

The total consultancy fee is 360,000 RWF, inclusive taxes. The consultancy fee is calculated on the basis on 60,000 RWF per estimated workday.

The payment will be made in full upon completion of the consultancy and acceptance of the delivered services by VVOB. Payments will be made within 30 working days of receipt of invoice.

3.7 Acceptance of deliverables and sanctions

Evaluation and acceptance of the deliverables will be done by VVOB and communicated to the consultant. Non-compliance of deliverables and services with the terms of reference or late delivery of services may lead to financial sanctions and/or termination of the consultancy



4.1 Required expertise of the consultant

The consultancy services will be delivered by one national consultant with following profile and background:

  • Internationally recognised academic degree, preferably Master in English literature
  • Minimum 5 years of working experience in the education sector, preferably in primary education
  • Proficient English oral and written communications skills
  • Experience with writing educational materials

A minimum of two relevant references with valid contact details of the referees are required.

4.2 Expected services and deliverables

In view of the objectives described above, the consultancy services shall include the delivery of following services and deliverables:

  1. Revise the English vocabulary in the two study manuals to match the English proficiency levels of the average primary school teacher
  2. Meet with the VVOB team on the second planned workday to receive and incorporate feedback on the revision work
  3. Debrief with the VVOB team on the final delivery day

All activities shall be conducted in close cooperation and consultation with VVOB.


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