Ewha Womans University Global Partnership Program 2019 – South Korea


Ewha Womans University is inviting Incoming International Students to apply for 2019 Global Partnership Program scholarships.

Deadline: April 26,2019


Applicant from a developing country who demonstrate high potential to become a female leader, and applies undergraduate or graduate program via special admission for international students


Full tuition fee(including admission fee), on-campus dormitory fee, plus stipend

Payment period

Under(freshmen): max 8 semesters

Under(Transfer): max 4 semesters

Grad(Master`s) : max 4 semesters

Grad(Doctorate) : max 6 semesters

Grad(Combined): max 6 semesters

* There is a minimum GPA requirement to maintain scholarship

A. Applying for scholarship
Documents to be submitted: Office of Admissions website (http://admission.ewha.ac.kr)→International Students→Download scholarship application form from application form menu
Submission Period: Same as application period
Where to submit: Submit the application form with other required documents to the Office of Admissions after registering online
B. Selection Method
Recipients will be selected through a comprehensive evaluation of their abilities and potential as a global female leader, based on submitted documents.
C. Scholarship Notification
The scholarship result will be notified individually via personal e-mail after the admission announcement.
D. Notice
The Ewha International Students Steering Committee may reduce or revoke the scholarship award upon review, if the recipient fails to fulfill eligibility requirements for reasons such as dissatisfaction of requirement or inability to continue attendance at the university or conduct unbecoming of a university student.
The recipients of the ‘scholarship for incoming international students’ must possess a Medical Insurance for the coming semester in order to be qualified to receive the scholarship.
More information>>> http://admission.ewha.ac.kr/enter/doc/international/scholarship-eng.asp


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