The Ministry of ICT and Innovation – AI Bootcamp 2nd course


The Ministry of ICT and Innovation in Rwanda has partnered with FAST Foundation, a non-profit organization whose vision is to transform Armenia into a science-driven innovative country by 2041 to conduct an AI Bootcamp.

The 12-week intensive course on Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning is designed to provide all the training and resources for participants to effectively transition to and develop a career in Data Science and Machine Learning.

Application deadline: September 10, 2020 at 12 pm Kigali time

AI Bootcamp course launch: Mid-September 2020

The program is competitive and there are no fees associated with the program for Rwandan students.


– Deep Learning: Feedforward Neural Networks (NN), CNN, RNN, etc.,
– Deep Reinforcement Learning
– Specialized project-based modules
– Introduction to Chemoinformatics
– Graph Neural Networks
– Time series and hybrid models for algorithmic trading

Benefits for Students

– Extensive knowledge of fundamental algorithms and methodology in Deep Learning, Deep Reinforcement Learning, and Graph Neural Networks
– Participation in hands-on scientific and entrepreneurial workshops held by experts
– Participation in networking events and meetings with local and foreign field experts
– Focus on practical experience in working on an industrial R&D project




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